Van zuster Dieu Nghiem (zr. Jina)


Joys and Events of Sunday 3rd April 2016
(Huize Nooitgedacht)

Along the well-trimmed hedge
We go as a river
Every Step is Peace

De Sangha komt naar buiten
De dag breekt aan
De vogeltjes
Beginnen te fluiten

The Sangha gathers
At the break of dawn
The birds burst
Into song

Thursday 7th April 2016

The young birch tree
It's branches
So delicate
Against the blue sky

Gado gado....
For lunch
All go....
For seconds

Walking Meditation
First rain then hail
Some dash inside
Some dash outside

Sunday 10th April 2016
(De bollen Route)

Looking for tulips
We find fields and fields
Of fragrant hyacinths and
A lone daffodil

A lone daffodil
Towering above
Fragrant hyacinths
Swaying gently
In the Spring breeze

(At the beach)

Hoping to find
A wind-shielded spot
Practicing letting go
We find one!

Friday 15th April 2016
(Plum Village)

The Path

Strewn with
Delicate Petals
This Morning
Brought down by
Heavy Raindrops
Last Night